a quick snapshot of gap cover

Guaranteed cover for all applicants

No entry age limit

No restriction on number of children added

Cover for adult dependents

GAP Cover is purchased additionally to your medical scheme

Protect yourself against medical shortfalls.

Did you know that a medical scheme membership does not mean you will not have extra, out-of-your-own-pocket medical expenses? Our medical practitioners can charge more for in-hospital procedures than what your medical scheme is willing to pay. That creates a situation where you as the patient go to hospital for specialist anesthetist and radiology services and you are charged up to 500% of medical scheme rate.

The difference between the private doctor's rate and your medical scheme tariff creates an excess amount which you would be charged for in your own personal capacity.

To ensure that you are not unpleasantly surprised by out-of-pocket expenses after a hospital procedure, invest in a GAP cover policy today.

500% of Medical Scheme Tariff cover for in-hospital procedures and 50 out-patient procedures.
No annual policy limit.
Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions are covered.
Cover is extended above scheme limits and is calculated as the difference between the medical practitioner charges and scheme tariff.

(This is an overview - please download the brochures for full details)

Click on the video above to find out how GAP cover will benefit you and your family.


Click on the video above to find out how GAP cover will benefit you and your family.

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