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I specialize in holistic financial planning by taking you through a thorough Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) process which will give you a clear picture of where you are standing from a financial perspective, where you want to be and a very clear and detailed picture on how to get there. You will however, not be doing this alone, as I will be there alongside you to guide and direct you every step of the way.

Retirement Annuity

Whether your are a qualified university student, planning a family or coming to the end of your career, a retirement annuity is one of the greatest and most tax efficient investments you can have for your future

Life Cover

Rest easy knowing that your family is covered in the unfortunate event that you pass on.

Dread Disease and Disability Cover

Plan for the unexpected. No one can be sure whether they will be affected from unforeseen dread disease or disabilities and if so, when they would be onset.


Empowering you to create
the choices you need to make.

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Financial Planner
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There is case study that shows anyone who has a qualified financial planner in their corner, on average, will achieve a 3% higher compounded return on their investment strategy.

Retirement Planning: to give you a very clear picture of what is required to achieve your goal

RESULT: You will have peace of mind that you will retire the way you have always dreamed

Investment Planning: to guide you through the “investment maze” to ensure that you maximize all investment benefits

RESULT: You achieve your investment goals, cost and tax efficiently.

Estate Planning: this encompasses everything regarding your estate to ensure your family is protected when you are not here

RESULT: Peace of mind for you and your family

With over twelve years experience working with successful professionals and business owners to guide them through holistic financial planning, together we have ensured that their families are protected in case of unforeseen circumstances (such as death, retrenchment, etc.) and planned to grow their wealth with a goal to retiring financially independent.

It is the time of the year before 28 February 2021 when the 2020/2021 tax-year comes to an end and when taxpayers can enhance their allowable tax deductions with a lump-sum Adhoc payment. The payment would then be included in the Retirement Annuity contribution tax certificate for the full tax year.

If you have not taken advantage of up to 27.5 % of your annual gross income towards compulsory capital retirement product, now is the time, and as long, as it is reflected in your RA latest 28 February 2021. So I would recommend that this should not be done later than 24th of February to allow time for allocation.

It is also the perfect timing to increase your current RA from 1 March 2021, to take advantage from month one, for the next 12 months and obtain tax-rebates. It prevents having to use cash flow at year-end to make the Adhoc payment by committing to recurring monthly contributions. This will also give you the opportunity to buy into the market at different levels.


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